Black Cat Fireworks – The Best You Can Get

Black Cat Fireworks – The Best You Can Get

Fireworks are a fun and exciting part of every American holiday. They are a big part of our country’s history and have been used to celebrate events for centuries. From the first displays at Castello Sant’Angelo in Rome, to Anne Boleyn’s coronation in England, and the inauguration of Presidents, firework celebrations have become a hugely popular way to mark important occasions.

The global Black Cat brand is renowned for exciting, innovative fireworks for those who take their fireworks more seriously and are looking to impress. Black Cat is one of the oldest registered consumer fireworks brands in the US and to this day remains “The Best You Can Get”.

Founded in 1891, Standard Fireworks was originally the brainchild of Yorkshire wholesale draper James Greenhalgh who saw an opportunity to make money selling fireworks through his business in the weeks leading up to November 5th – Bonfire Night. The company soon grew and eventually moved to its current site in Huddersfield.

As the use of gunpowder spread across Europe over the Silk Road, black cat fireworks became more prevalent and started to be used at ceremonial occasions including weddings, coronations, military victories, and to mark other important events. In the US, the first July 4th celebration happened during the Revolutionary War and fireworks have been a hugely important part of our nation’s celebrations ever since.

Today, Black Cat has grown to be one of the largest fireworks companies in the United States. Their production processes continue to use some of the old world methods including handmade paper and hand mixing powder. This results in tighter wrapped, thicker tubes that produce louder bangs than other fireworks.

The quality of the products Black Cat produces is backed up by a strict inspection process. Each firework is tested for loudness, dud rate, string consistency, labeling and packaging. They are constantly aiming to improve their quality and are able to provide the most reliable, high performance, premium products on the market.

As Black Cat’s business continues to grow, they are looking to relocate from their Huddersfield site to York. They have submitted plans to the City of York council to erect a new office and warehouse at Stamford Bridge Road in Dunnington which is currently occupied by Rosti Automotive Ltd. If the application is approved staffing on the site will increase from about 470 to a total of around 800 people. The company also has a warehouse in Scunthorpe which is used for distribution.

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