How to Find the Best Moving Services

How to Find the Best Moving Services

When you’re planning your next big move, it’s important to do research on the best movers in Irvine or Dublin to ensure that they will provide quality service for an affordable price. Some companies may offer instant quotes over the phone while others will send an agent to your home to visually inspect your items and create a more accurate cost estimate.

Some full-service moving companies will also help you unpack and arrange your furniture and other items once they arrive at your new house. This is a great way to save time and stress as well as have your belongings moved into a more organized manner. Moreover, they’ll take care of the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to worry about hurting your back or getting your hands dirty.

The majority of moving companies will offer a variety of additional services to suit your needs. Some of these include:

Specialty moves, such as for a piano or hot tub. These services¬† require specialized equipment and a high level of skill to move safely. Storage, if there’s a gap between your move-out and move-in dates. This is often required for a long-distance move or if you’re downsizing from a large home to a small apartment.

A binding or nonbinding estimate. If you opt for a binding estimate, you’ll be guaranteed that the final bill won’t exceed the amount that was quoted to you. If you choose a nonbinding estimate, however, the price can change once your move is underway.

Ask about the company’s equipment and how much space they can accommodate for your goods. Typically, a moving company will bring their own trucks and equipment to load up your goods. However, some customers will be charged for the use of extra equipment, such as a moving blanket or furniture bags. Make sure to clarify these fees before you sign the contract.

Find out whether the moving company charges a flat fee for labor or whether they charge per hour. If the company’s labor costs are higher, this will affect your overall moving cost. Some full-service moving companies will also charge for the fuel and mileage of their trucks, so it’s a good idea to check this before hiring them.

Some moving companies will also offer additional services for an added cost, such as connecting and dismantling your appliances or reassembling your furniture. This is a useful service for people who aren’t comfortable working with electrical devices or don’t have the right tools on hand. In addition, many movers will store your furniture in their warehouse for an extra fee if they’re not able to fit it into your new home. This can be particularly helpful if your new home doesn’t have sufficient parking for their larger trucks. This service is also popular for urban moves, where it’s difficult to park 18-wheelers on city streets. For these moves, the movers will generally use a smaller shuttle truck to carry your goods from your house to their larger trucks parked more safely nearby.

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