How to Use InventHelp to Patent Your Idea

How to Use InventHelp to Patent Your Idea

InventHelp patent invention

When an inventor has an idea, they can take advantage of the patent application process to protect their invention. With over 9000 companies in its database, InventHelp patent invention can refer their client to a patent attorney who will provide an honest review of the patent application and recommendations for how to use the idea. Throughout the process, InventHelp provides expert advice and assistance to inventors. The service can be a great option for anyone who wants to earn money from their invention, but is unsure about the process of patenting their idea.

In addition to creating a patent application, InventHelp can help bring an idea to market. Their services include press releases and computer-aided design. Additionally, a prototype model of your invention is available at no extra cost. InventHelp will prepare a computer-aided drawing of your invention and make a working prototype model of it using a process called Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM). If your invention has potential, you can take advantage of this free service and begin developing a viable product.

After you have created your patent application, you’ll want to make your invention a reality by obtaining a patent. This is a complex process and InventHelp’s experienced team can help you through the process. While you’ll need a lawyer to protect your idea, the service will assist you every step of the way. InventHelp will help you submit your idea to different companies and get it approved by the patent office. You’ll be under strict confidentiality when submitting your ideas to InventHelp.

After you have finished creating your prototype, you’ll need to start preparing your patent application. You can create a computer-aided design of your invention. Once you’re confident that your invention is ready, you can start preparing the patent application. After you have the patent application filed, you’ll need to protect it. You should have a high-quality prototype model to display to prospective investors. Once you’re satisfied with the patent application, you can proceed to the next phase of the process.

Once you’ve submitted your patent application, you’ll need a patent attorney to protect your idea. An attorney can help you with your patent application. In addition, a lawyer can help you develop a press release and package your idea to get it noticed by the right people. InventHelp also provides legal services to protect your invention from infringement. So, if you have an idea, a professional can help you with the patent process.

Once your invention has been patented, you can begin promoting your invention. The company will write a press release about your idea, which does not reveal the details of how it works. They will then distribute your publicity release to nearly 3,000 newsrooms through the PR Newswire network. The PR Newswire network reaches newsrooms around the world, including The New York Times, ABC News, BuzzFeed, and more.

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