SZA Store Review

SZA Store Review

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It’s been more than a year since SZA dropped her debut album Ctrl, a hazy ode to the end of a relationship that topped charts worldwide and proved that SZA was more than just a pretty face and a voice. Having already established herself as a major player in the music scene with her first effort, many were waiting for her sophomore album to deliver just as much magic as her first.

SZA hasn’t disappointed with SOS, her newest project. The record is a collection of songs that will leave listeners feeling a range of emotions, from heartbreak to depression to apathy. However, it’s the resolute confidence that SZA exudes that makes the project a true standout.

The project’s 23 tracks cover a wide range of genres and SZA’s vocals have never been more powerful. From the opener “Smoking on My Ex Pack” to the sombre, piano-driven “I Hate U,” SZA has nailed it. She also showcases her versatility as a rapper on the bouncy “Open Arms,” while still sounding like her own artist on the slow-burning, synth instrumental of “Shirt.”

In the album’s most vulnerable moments, SZA soundtracks the rocky terrain of break-up grief – denial, anger, depression, bargaining, acceptance. The resentful “Special,” lonely “Nobody Gets Me” and despairing “Conceived” all deliver, with SZA’s vocals adding depth to the raw emotion that’s being conveyed.

With a strong supporting cast from her collaborators, the album never feels monotonous or overlong. The brisk, upbeat R&B cuts “F2F” and “Gone Girl,” the rock-inspired “Nobody Gets Me” and the synthesized pop of “Shirt” all work in perfectly with SZA’s sound while also offering something new to her audience.

The only downside to the album is that it sometimes feels a little too similar to her debut effort at times. While the record is packed with top-notch songs, it can feel like SZA tried to do too much and lost focus in the process. With that being said, it’s still a great release that’s worth a full listen.

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